I had a dream it was beautiful

I had a dream it was beautiful, it gave me purpose, it gave me drive. I pursued it relentlessly. I traveled far and wide, I practiced religiously. It was perfect, the work was effortless, I loved doing it all the time. Music —…

End suffering by: expecting nothing and appreciating everything

The worst pain we ever feel times is self-inflicted. Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional. We choose to suffer when we choose not to accept the pain and move on. Anyone can lose a job, money, etc. Bad things happen to…

I’ve put off writing this one for a long time. It’s one of those struggles that has hampered my life in many ways. Also, I’ve experienced many failures in my quest to rid of the toxic habit. …

Do not look for healing at the feet of those who broke you

A quote from ‘Milk and Honey,’ by Rupi Kaur

I’ve been guilty of this many a time. The fear of being outcasted forces us sometimes to go against our better judgment. To keep people in our lives who we know are detrimental to our well-being. Maybe it’s a relationship, maybe…

I never understand why people wish for more life — more years — when this life is only fraught with pain. We wish for power, but we shudder under the weight of responsibility. We wish for adulation; when we cannot handle the criticisms. We wish for love but cannot handle…

If I ever said I’m sorry

If I ever said I’m sorry -I meant it- I hope you believed me

I speak mostly when I don’t need to

I say mostly what I don’t mean to

With thine own tongue I burn what I need build

A recluse those that…

He flew

She said she loved he said it back

Pure bliss one completes another

Sentences and all, the text book stuff

Bond grows from strength to strength

Worlds collide passions ignites

Our guards we let down

Logic cannot rival passion

We forget history repeats

Suddenly life happens new friends

A poem

How many more sorries can you say, before you just do the thing
The thing you ought to, the right thing, that you fail to — over and over

You value the impression you leave others more than the tumult within
You seek to shape the narrative- the persona…

A poem

For whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee
Diamonds are forever; the owner transitory
Wishes are but prayers uttered with little confidence

To be human and fallible, but arrogate to satiate our infallible appetites
The choices we make infer our destinations
Trepidation begets remorse, and remorse the poison…

A poem

I knew I could love you, as soon as I saw you,
but I didn’t say anything,
I know I come off threatening,
I’m black in a white man’s world,
I’m scared you are scared of me.
although I’m far from perfect
your premonitions are far from who I am.

Collins Omwega

Writing blues

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