And why it’s important

What does it mean to be independent? Merriam Webster defines independence as the “freedom from outside control or support.”

Are we ever fully independent? Somehow it seems there are not many absolutes in this life, but a sea of gray. “Nobody is an island entire of…

Happiness vs Pleasure as they relate to our life’s purpose

¹What is happiness - according to ‘verywellmind’, it is an emotional state characterized by feelings of joy, satisfaction, contentment, and fulfillment. Often described as involving a balance of positive emotions and life satisfaction.

¹There are two types of happiness:

  • Hedonia…

Do not look for healing at the feet of those who broke you

A quote from ‘Milk and Honey,’ by Rupi Kaur

I’ve been guilty of this many a time. The fear of being outcasted forces us sometimes to go against our better judgment. To keep people in our lives who we know are detrimental to our well-being. Maybe it’s a relationship, maybe…

I never understand why people wish for more life — more years — when this life is only fraught with pain. We wish for power, but we shudder under the weight of responsibility. We wish for adulation; when we cannot handle the criticisms. We wish for love but cannot handle…

If I ever said I’m sorry

If I ever said I’m sorry -I meant it- I hope you believed me

I speak mostly when I don’t need to

I say mostly what I don’t mean to

With thine own tongue I burn what I need build

A recluse those that…

Collins Omwega

Writing blues

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